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While your out there this morning, check out these interesting links and thoughts in the religious sphere:

-Over at Think Christian there’s a great link to Richard Bewes’ “Seven Steps for Atheists.”

-Brad the Seminarian has a new look and focus for his blog.

-The BEST small piece on God’s grace is here. There’s no such “thing” as grace, you know.

Mystical Seeker answers some big questions.

Disappointment in the New Baptist Covenant because of their exclusion of gay friendly churches at the 2008 convention.

I despise politics. But, around the political sphere, there is still the usual vitriol between conservatives and liberals, naturally still ignoring the vast middle of the road voters, of which I am one, and trading the peace of our own country for a stupid battle of wills. I am convinced that you cannot believe anything that claims to be news out there, not on TV, not on the internet, and certainly not from newspapers. Our government manufactures news and anti-government forces manufacture news, each for the sole purpose of furthering their own political viewpoint. So the smart course it to not believe any of it. Check out these stories for those NOT to believe in:

-Made up news by the left. One about a Reuters report of fake Russian subs and another about the Baghdad Diarist. (Links courtesy of Villainous Company)

-Reuters is the chief culprit of these fake stories. It’s sickening that they’ll go to any, any lengths to make the U.S. look bad.

-And for some sicko right-wingers, check out this article about those who WISH fervently for another attack to “unite the country!” I think I actually saw one guy on Fox News saying this very thing. That’s going too far! Check out more of the Hall of Shame here.

Two steps forward, three steps back it seems. Look, I’m no Kool-aid drinker when it comes to the government, but there has to come a time when we back those who are fighting damned hard so that the world is a safe place to be. Since my son is military, I’m not ashamed to back the route he’s chosen. I’m also not a convinced pacifist. As long as others want to kill us for religious or ideological reasons, I’m pro anything that keeps that from happening. There’s no reasoning with fanatics. But to wish for war so that the country will be united is the most evil thing I’ve ever heard. Sheesh! Politics and religion are the roots of ALL evil. Money being a close second.

5 thoughts on “Around the Blogosphere

  1. Thanks for the links, they look interesting. It is tough to decide who to trust, everyone seems to have an agenda when reporting the news.

  2. tobeme,
    I’m with you on that one. It’s a shame that there even HAS to be an agenda behind “reporting” news or that it’s all about the latest murder or tabloid entertainer. It’s sickening really.

  3. Ahh, an equal opportunity blogger. Being a moderate is so rare these days. I wish we had a stronger voice.

  4. Hey Brad,

    Yeah, why must everyone go to extremes? I don’t get it. Maybe if we talk louder. šŸ™‚

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