Help the ASPCA!

Oh my God, I saw this ad for the ASPCA on TV and I started bawling like a baby! Watching it again elicits the same response. I have rescued several kitties in my lifetime. In fact I just rescued one a little over a month ago. To me there is no reason whatsoever to harm such innocent creatures as animals. Absolutely none. Anyone who can harm them or neglect them or abuse them is without conscience and is seriously mentally ill!


2 thoughts on “Help the ASPCA!

  1. I am a huge supporter of animal shelters. And am also an owner of 3 cats and 2 dogs who were once unwanted outcasts.

    That’s the video that brings me to tears, too. I can’t watch it, again. It is too upsetting seeing the expressions of the animals behind bars who are obviously wondering…WHY.

  2. jolynna,

    i know. I could only watch it once too. I then went to their website and donated. Those poor babies. 😦

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