Social Justice Assumptions

I’ve gotten some really stupid comments from people out there, none so stupid as a recent comment by the always anonymous asshole accusing me of being fat because I wrote a previous post about the stupidity of the diet industry, which funds surveys about obesity. Most of these idiots love to assume such things about me. So I ask you,

Why is it that when you defend the rights of a group in society you are “accused” of being a participant in that group?

Does that “accusation” automatically nullify your right to speak up in defense of the innate rights of that group or does it nullify your ability to speak at all?

Why do most of the nasty accusations come from men?

The only logical conclusion to draw from my blog is that since I defend the rights of women, animals, ethnicities, progressive Christianity, pagan religions, large sized persons, and children therefore I must be a fat, feminist, 2 year old brown bear who practices secret eucharistic ceremonies in the woods while communing with Mother nature? Did I leave anyone out? Give me a break people. Such ludicrous comments are going in the trash bin. But you do provide amusing confirmation of how little small-“minded” men have evolved over the centuries. Thanks for confirming it!



8 thoughts on “Social Justice Assumptions

  1. I think a lot of this has to do with one’s ability to see in shades of grey. And I don’t think people such as the one who left the comment can do that — if you feel sympathy for “them,” then you are one of them. BUt the commenter doesn’t stop to put himself into the other position, because as soon as you do that, your own position starts developing some cracks. A lot of people can’t afford those cracks, because their entire identity is wrapped up in the black/white view. If they’re attacking you, then they don’t have to think about your position, or try and place themselves in it.

  2. To the anonymous “man” who posted that dumb-ass comment, please show yourself to be a real man by at least having the balls to sign it with your name!

    Heather – you are so right! Some people just don’t seem to be able to cope with grey! (or fat, or other skin colours, or languages other than English, or religions that aren’t exactly the same as their own). How dreary and dull their monochromatic worlds must be!

    MOI – Nice to see you are back, but just keep your calm there girl! We don’t want you blowing a gasket just over some twit do we? Rest up. PEACE! (thats an ORDER!)

  3. If imitation is the highest form of flattery, then perhaps receiving attack from someone is the second. The only reason some idiot would write something like that is because he is threatened by you and the following you have. He disagrees but doesnt have the platform you have, so he anonymously criticizes you so he can be heard but not have to answer for his comments. If i were you i would be flattered.

  4. Good point Mike, thanks for stopping by the blog!! It’s good to see all you seminarians over here! 🙂

  5. Jon,
    Yes, I do have a tendency to “get my hackles up!” Ok, I am calm. OMMMMMMMMMMMm

    Thanks for the orders 🙂

  6. Heather,
    Good point as always. In another life perhaps I would have approved the comment. But I don’t have time to waste on people like that. .

  7. MOI,

    You’re a wiser person than I. I try to follow that philosphy, but sometimes succumb to the “He’s wrong and I must show him that, the jerk!!!!!” Which doesn’t accomplish anything except high blood pressure on my part.

    It is interesting, though, how the word feminist gets used as an insult. I think the next time someone uses that as an insult, the response should be, “So you’re *not* for equal rights for women, such as voting, equal pay and access to the job market?”

    I mean, honestly — how could someone not be a feminist? It literally means “equal rights for women.”

  8. Heather,

    What’s sickening is that the comment wasn’t about feminism, but assumed I was FAT as if that too is a bad word! The gall. I’ve found that when women have brains men can only resort to calling them lesbians or fat or ugly. Notice that the focal point is all about NOT attractive to a man as if men are our only point of reference for this life! Sheesh. What a tool.

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