WordPress Themes Again

While I loved the theme I had, some themes on WordPress just aren’t as customizable as I’d like. I love that they are preformatted for me, not being a whiz at CSS, but the Christmas theme just would not format paragraphs, no matter what I tried. Apparently others had the same problem, according to the forums. So I am back to the easiest theme to manage. It lacks color, which I like, but it makes for easy reading.


2 thoughts on “WordPress Themes Again

  1. The Christmas theme is my favourite. My eternal search (in a non-theistic way) 😉 is for a blog that is easy on my eyes. I have many headaches/migraines and there are days I just can’t look at the screen. I’m always trying to set up so that whatever I’m looking at is easier on my eyes but also has all the extra’s that I like in the set-up. Anyway, thought I’d chime in. 🙂

  2. Hi Zoe,
    Yes, I love that theme too. I wish I knew more how to change the CSS, but I just don’t have the time. (Sigh). I guess I’ll stick to what works for now! I like the easy on the eyes approach as well. I hate those DARK themes. Can’t read those for nothing!

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