Blog House Cleaning and the Movies

Well, I’ve obviously changed some things around again in my corner of the blogosphere. To keep the Blogroll from becoming unwieldy and in order to categorize links, I’ve moved the blogs I read regularly to a new page at the top called “Links I Read.” Go check it out. I’ve added some new one as well. I’ve also changed themes again. DUH. I’m never satisfied with how the blog looks. I wish I knew more CSS but I ain’t got the time, to turn a colloquial phrase.

I love my new Custom Header. I found a wonderful site full of old movie wallpapers and themes. Check it out if you are an old movie fan as I am (I mean the movies are old, not me 🙂 ). The blog header is from my favorite old movie The Uninvited, a wonderfully creepy and atmospheric ghost picture with Ray Milland and Ruth Hussey. A brother and sister (Milland and Hussey) buy a house together on the Cornwall coast and get far more than a lovely house in the bargain. No one knows how to create good suspense in a movie anymore. Therefore, one has to go back to the oldies to find truly creepy moments. This is why The Haunting (Robert Wise 1963 version) is a masterpiece. Talk about scaring me out of my wits when I was young! Julie Harris was superb and the “special effects” were excellent psychological triggers not all-out big bangs designed merely to startle not scare. Why can’t directors do subtlety? It’s far scarier. Another wonderfully creepy film is The Changeling. George C. Scott plays a composer who buys a huge and, of course, haunted mansion. Movies are always scary when dealing a ghost child. And while we are on the subject of movies, don’t forget to put all these movies on your Netflix list. (Don’t forget Thomas Tryon’s The Other either).


3 thoughts on “Blog House Cleaning and the Movies

  1. I love that you are such a movie buff! Some of my favorites are The Killing, Vertigo, Seven Samurai, Rashamon, and even though its a little later along, i absolutely love The Sting.

    Do you have any recommendations that i must see to really up my status as movie buff?

  2. Mike,

    Do I have recommendations?? Why of course! Hitchcock is always good and essential! Of course good old 50s sci fi movies will do the trick. Since we’ve subscribed to Netflix we watch a lot more movies than we used to, and there’s always Turner Classic Movies!

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