Hot Fuzz

My “love affair” with Simon Pegg began with his short lived BBC television show Spaced, grew even stronger after watching his hilariously written Shaun of the Dead and continues to this day. Last night the hubby and I watch Hot Fuzz, Pegg’s latest writing cred with Edgar Wright. Many of his Spaced co-stars make appearances, including his faithful sidekick, Nick Frost, in this wacky tale of a hyper-cop from London sent to police the quiet pastoral countryside because he’s making his fellow cops look bad. The humor is as subtle as British humor can be, but the violence is, well, pretty violent. Many residents begin meeting gruesome ends and fun ensues when none of his fellow officers believe there could possibly be a murder in their small town. Jim Broadbent plays the police chief and Frost’s father very nicely and Timothy Dalton plays the town’s department store owner and quite smarmily at that. This is probably the best thing Dalton’s done since the James Bond debacle.

I love Pegg’s sense of humor, as any lover of Shaun of the Dead will attest, but his “straight” role in this movie shows just how versatile he is. Most really good comedic actors aren’t afraid to play the straight man while allowing others to get the biggest laughs at the most appropriate times. Pegg really knows his craft. I would love to see him in a drama sometime. I’d recommend watching the movie, but beware the gross deaths and silly plot devices. This is just entertainment after all.