Keeping Predators in the Pulpit

Well isn’t this just lovely?? Yet another reason not to be Southern Baptist in particular and a church goer in general. Folks, this is not a random case. You don’t have any idea how corrupt churches really are out there. Many churches hide sexual predators because they believe in non-confrontation when it comes to men preying on women and children. Sadly, most churches believe women are the chief cause of their own abuse. If this pastor were a woman, or if she was that woman who murdered her pastor husband, do you really think all would be forgiven and forgotten? Do you think they’d let her back into the pulpit (assuming it was a church that believed in women in the pulpit) Of course not.

Visit Stop Baptist Predators to get the real scoop. The abuse of children isn’t just for Catholic priests anymore!


Perhaps we have such sickos out there because of sites like these. Talk about enabling your abuser! Thanks to Feministing for the link.


4 thoughts on “Keeping Predators in the Pulpit

  1. it is incredibly sad that the church is hiding sin and allowing it, rather than exposing and punishing it. who will do so if the church isnt???


  2. Peter,

    It’s incredibly sad and so WRONG. The damage done to individuals as well as the church is awful. But, I’d rather it be exposed and the damage done, than hidden at the cost of countless harmed individuals! Jesus knows who are His and who aren’t.

  3. Why not put your faith in Jesus instead of putting your faith in what a man does…men/women fail but God will never fail you if you finally give Him your all and don’t hold anything back! What is holding you back?

  4. Amy,
    Who says we have faith in these men? That would be absurd. No, when people TRUST other people to care for the flock, they deserve to be informed about the wolves.

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