The God of Personalism

Pantheism identifies man with Nature, whether with its visible appearances, or its abstract essence. Personalism isolates, separates him from Nature; converts him from a part into the whole, into an absolute essence of himself. This is the distinction. If, therefore, you would be clear on these subjects, exchange your mystical, perverted anthropology, which you call theology, for real anthropology, and speculate in the light of consciousness and Nature concerning the difference or identity of the human essence with the essence of Nature. You yourselves admit that the essence of the pantheistical God is nothing but the essence of Nature. Why, then, will you only see the mote in the eyes of your opponents, and not observe the very obvious beam in your own eyes? Why make yourselves an exception to a universally valid law? Admit that your personal God is nothing else than your own personal nature, that while you believe in and construct your supra- and extra- natural God, you believe in and construct nothing else than the supra- and extra- naturalism of your own self (Ludwig Feuerbach, The Essence of Christianity, page 107-108).


2 thoughts on “The God of Personalism

  1. I would have to agree with this. The irony is that christians have in general unwittingly created such an athropomorphic (father, shepherd, lord, king, etc) God that these images have become confused with the real essence of God (I AM) and so have become Idols.
    Try telling them their current modern form of christianity is mostly a man-made Idolatry and see how far you get!

  2. Jon,

    Probably not very far. Christianity is very ego-centric and everyone posits the God they think is there in their own consciences. Yet, they can’t make the leap that perhaps that’s the only place God exists; in our consciences.

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