5 thoughts on “Demotivating the Work Week

  1. Hey, I think my boss must have taken this training! Of course he may soon not be my boss since I may soon not have a job….good old ‘headcount adjustment’. Adjustment my behind, how about ‘off with their heads’.

  2. Yael,

    Yes, while the video is vastly amusing, it soooo reflects corporate America! Sorry to hear about the job though! 😦

  3. Thanks. I’m hoping to escape the ax, but not sure why. If I do it will just mean waiting around for the next swings to come my way! My hours work well for my life though and it’s always a pain learning a new job.

  4. Nice Post – great video – your point is made excellently…I am sure there is more of this type of thing going on behind the scene in corporate America than any of us want to believe…


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