Finding Myself in Quietude

Ahhh, the Internet…a vast, chaotic black hole of gurus and advice givers and life suckers. Yet, at some point each one of us must become quiet and listen to our own inner voice and no one else’s. The Daily Om for today, in part, says this:

Spending time in quietude, you may find, could give you much required space to look at your life without distractions, ideas, or opinions from other people who may wish to help you but may not know what you truly want.

Having time to ourselves allows us to place our attention on what the deeper aspects of our self really craves. So much of our lives are spent with other people around us telling us what we should and shouldn’t do. While their intentions may be well meant, it is only when we are able to surround ourselves with stillness that we can fully listen to and comprehend the innermost yearnings of our spirit. Retreating from the world today will let you connect with the deeper levels of your self and make it easier for you to heed the desires of your soul today.

Ahhh. Time to ourselves. Introspection. Self-listening, Self-care. All the things we need to find out what we truly believe, IF believing in anything is necessary at all. I’m beginning to see that believing in something is not really living. Believing is pasting over our own lives with other people’s “truths.” Believing is not acting but sitting and mulling what others have told us and then trying to push our lives into that mold. No, living is action, regardless of belief. It is NOW not “in the future, then…”

I don’t want to “believe” any longer. I only want to act…. as I did when I was younger and more confident that life was here to be experienced, learned from, and experienced again, only with more caution or more exuberance. Beliefs are for people who are afraid to live life to the fullest. I don’t want to be one of those people.

7 thoughts on “Finding Myself in Quietude

  1. I’m not interested in beliefs either. As soon as I say I believe something someone tells me what’s wrong with my belief! Obviously I believe somethings but so what? What difference does it make what I believe anyway?

    Ah, to be young. I used to bum the world and explore to my heart’s content. I skied in the Swiss Alps, hiked the jungles of Papua New Guinea, wandered around in the emptiness of remote Alaska, shopped in Singapore, watched the Changing of the Guard in London, partied in Amsterdam, toured the Louvre in Paris, slept in a train station in Germany, took a hydrofoil from Denmark to Sweden, drove through the chaos of Manila streets, lounged on the beaches of tropical islands dreaming dreams, rode an Alpine slide in British Columbia, toured 45 of our 50 states marveling at wonders as diverse as the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls, the Golden Gate Bridge and Mt Ranier, Upstate New York in all its fall glory and the deserts of New Mexico. The world was mine and I drank it in.

    Now I just pray on Yom Kippur to not be cast aside in my old age…..

  2. It’s worry about my job and finances more than anything. Supposedly cuts will be announced a week from Friday….

  3. I love your thoughts, back to the basics of being, living in the now! That is what it is all about.
    Not having any beliefs, would be a belief. not sure that can be done. It’s akin to not making a decision, which in itself is a decision.

  4. tobeme,

    No sooner do we determine not to have beliefs, we have them as you say, so isn’t the key to living to just live and act with no thought but that gained from past experience? I’ve found that when I act, I live to the fullest. When I think, I’m stopped in my tracks and am prone to inaction. So as Homer Simpson said after trying and failing over and over, “The key to life, kids, is don’t ever try!” 🙂

  5. **Yet, at some point each one of us must become quiet and listen to our own inner voice and no one else’s.**

    There’s something very strange about posting a comment on a subject such as listening to an inner voice. It’s an interesting contrast. I see you an inner voice, and raise you a few outer ones, as well. 🙂

    I wonder if beliefs are deceptive, in a way. If we keep telling ourselves what we believe, we’ll be too busy seeing if we actually act on those beliefs. Perhaps the best way to determine our beliefs is how we instinctively react — if we see someone who needs help, do we immediatly offer to assist, or do we just walk past? Maybe we need to analyze our interaction with the world and then determine our beliefs based on that.

  6. Heather,

    I think you’ve got something there. I see you an inner voice and raise you instinct! 😀

    I have always done just that. Things turn out very well for me when I instinctually act and then analyze why later. It seems that my true beliefs always come out this way. When I try to force myself into a mold is when things don’t go well. Frustration, anger, all the bad things come out that shouldn’t. But if I just go with the flow, so to speak, all is well and I’m usually a much nicer person.

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