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  1. Hi MOI,
    I find blogging a really useful tool for airing my thoughts and getting it out there, but I find that I need to take care that this “out there” blogging does not distract me from also taking time to look within – the private, secret me (where there are many things not appropriate for a public blog – in fact many things that cannot even be expressed in words). Like so much else, it’s a question of balance!

  2. Zoe and Jon,

    I think for you guys and for me and probably a lot of us, that “sharing” our thoughts is draining on the ole batteries. Like you, Jon, it does distract from the private, secret me. Because frankly, blogging is a front. We never truly reveal… if we did everyone would run screaming from the room. πŸ™‚

  3. I know for me, when I first started blogging several years ago, it was for me. I didn’t have a clue about blogging at all. When I was introduced to the idea, it was through a forum and a friend on that forum helped me get started. I’ve always been grateful for this friends help. In turn, I find that I can now help others when it comes to the topic of blogging. Especially with the set up of it, etc..

    I remember, it was a way for me to write “my” thoughts whether they be good, bad or ugly. It was a mode of healing and recovery for me regarding “issues” that were mostly about church and Christianity. I felt anonymous. I was anonymous…until I started to feel less anonymous. Any of that make sense to you two (Moi & Jon)?

    I’ve always been fairly fortunate in my blogging to have some good people with various beliefs be friendly, encouraging and well, accepting of my journey. All of them have been very supportive of my writing, no matter what I wrote…just keep writing was the message.

    It’s this sense of feeling less anonymous as the years go by that stops me from blogging. I take time to ask myself, is this writing for me or for someone else? The truth is, often I hear from people and learn that it helps them. I’m giving voice to their voice that cannot speak that moment in time. They have been silenced themselves, for whatever reason. I understand that. So, sometimes I feel as though I’m giving voice on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves. It’s a sense of the collective whole. On behalf of women who can’t blog or dare not blog.

    The more I blog though, the more exposed I feel. Sometimes I don’t want people to know more and the longer I blog the more I share. There are times I think, why give certain people any more access to my inner sanctum? It’s true though that if I just laid it out, all out, even those who know me as well as one can know someone via technology, the more I’m aware that they will be less accepting of me. Moi is correct. Most would run from the room! LOL! It’s so true. We think we’d get along, we think we’d agree…truth is, we’d think each other is nutso. LOL! Well everyone except for me that is. ROTFLOL!

    The longer I blog the more constrained I’m feeling. I don’t know if it’s a phase or not. Actually, it is a phase. I just know that feeling constrained, even if I’m off in my perception of it, is not good for me. It’s not healthy. I spent years working through that and getting out of it.

    Whenever I start to feel pigeon-holed again, I bolt. That bolting is important. Others see it as hiding or weakness. I’ve learned it’s not. It’s about having boundaries and the where-with-all to listen to your intuition (and it’s high-time we do). It’s during these bolting times or call them hiding times if you wish, that I pay attention to what’s going on within, as Jon mentioned.

    I think my biggest distraction is feeling like I need to respond to comments. Sometimes, I think, why respond to that comment? I have to admit, that would I think take some pressure off. On the other hand, I’d miss the interaction as well.

    Others would say, don’t take this all so seriously. It might be easier if I wasn’t blogging all the time about church, faith and faith abuse. It’s a serious topic and I feel a sense of responsibility in not making light of it. I feel like the story needs to be told but I don’t feel like debating it or going into exegisis or having someone tell me that’s too bad, now listen here, my way is God’s way. I think good grief, have they listened to anything I’ve said? Did they even read my post?

    Anyway, balance. I’m going to go get some right now. πŸ™‚

  4. Zoe,

    I agree with everything you’ve just said. I also agree that people will feel they have us “pegged” by what we write, when in reality, they only know a small, small part of us. It’s frustrating to get up and try to write on your blog, and then stop and think, “Who’s going to be offended today?” “Who’s toes will get stepped on?” I don’t want that any longer. Cutting and running is great. Many have had to do it and many have had to retreat into anonymity. That’s what’s wonderful about blogging.

    Like you, I question the wisdom of comments also. Sometimes they are great. At other times, bleck. On my other secret blogs, comments are off. Such freedom!

  5. I found your blog just a short while ago and read these comments with interest. Blogging is a strange activity and you’re so right that we only write a small part of ourselves and I too write thinking I’d better hold back on that etc. The anonymity is difficult – I started out wanting to be completely anaoymous and gradually put more info about me in the posts, sometimes thinking I shouldn’t.

    Comments and whether to comment on the comments has also been on my mind – it seems rude not to, but it is a strain sometimes. I do like the interaction, though.

  6. Booksplease,

    Welcome!! You’re right about the strangeness of it. We are known, yet not known, so how does one blog and stay true to themselves? Of course, some blog to NOT stay true to themselves, which is the whole point. πŸ™‚

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