Weddings and Whatnot

Well, the Army son is getting married on the 20th and I just drove 3 hours one way on Sunday to attend my future daughter-in-law’s bridal shower. And then after staying a couple hours I drove 3 hours back home. Whew! Did I mention I hate driving long distances? Didn’t do my back any good, that’s for sure. But, I’m glad I “represented” the groom’s side of the family, tiny group that we are. Her mother has 7 brothers and sisters, so there were lots of women there. Arrrrgghgghghh! I took my daughter and my sister-in-law. Now in a little over a week we will all have to make the trek again for the wedding. I’m glad I’m the groom’s mother. All the details of a wedding drive me mad. Still it’s been busy and I haven’t blogged much.

Here’s what’s happening around the blogosphere:

I found a great site for women’s spirituality.  It looks like we share an interest in the same TV shows and the paranormal. She has a great article about violence against women, which like her, I also hate.

Naked Pastor has a cute cartoon as usual. Acerbic. To the point.

And the Parish agrees with me about the latest issue of Christianity Today.

I will be blogging light until after the wedding, unless something truly fascinating comes up. See you then!