Fair and Balanced at Christmas Time?

For the holiday season can we expect fair and balanced writing from Christians? Can we expect it from those who no longer claim Christianity as their chosen religion? Sometimes we can. DeConversion blog is having a nice conversation about what good, and the obvious bad, the church has done through the years. (Several good points in the comments as well).

I have found myself back in church recently. Have I gone because of Christmas? I doubt it. I’ve gone because I cannot find the level of friendship in my personal life than that shared by fellow believers at church. Do I believe the same way they do? Nope. Do I feel pressure to? Nope, not this time around. I couldn’t care less what others believe. And frankly, I couldn’t care less what I believe from one day to the next. I used to obsess that my beliefs weren’t in line with some doctrinal line or another. No longer. I take what’s good out of the bible and leave the rest. I enjoy ritual and need the connection it gives me to my spirituality, if not to a mystical god. I’ve gone to a more liberal denomination with a more upbeat message (kept to a clean 15 minutes) and no obsessions about bible study. The emphasis is on loving one another as a community and sharing joys and concerns with each other. For me, that’s enough. What’s past is past. History is history.

My emphasis here on this blog is what I hope to emphasize in real life…point out hypocrisy, criticize without condemnation, study without legalistic proscriptions for others to follow, and just explore the wacky world of the internet. Live and let live seems good. My opinions are just that. I hope they are helpful, but if no one likes them, I can’t help that. All I just want to do is write and write faithfully to whatever purpose it is out there in the universe for. Perhaps the purpose is nothing at all. But, that’s ok too.

Merry Christmas!


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  1. Hey! Good to see you back! I’m blogging at my original blog home too. Hope to see you there. 🙂

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