Good Reason to Avoid

As if being Southern Baptist wasn’t enough to make you steer clear(did I say that out loud?), here’s a good reason to avoid Mike Huckabee. Gothard? Give me a massive break. In our early fundamentalist brainwashing days, my husband and I attended a Bill Gothard seminar. Even as Stepford as we were back then, we thought Gothard was wayyyyyyy too extreme to be real. It is a cult in the sense of being a total commitment to one man’s vision of the Christian life. You buy his books, do what he says, and that’s all you’re supposed to do. Scientology has nothing on Gothard. I’m not one to play guilt by association because sometimes you can’t help who you get your picture taken with when you’re a politician (Roslyn Carter and Gacy for example), but Huckabee’s been schmoozing with the likes of Hagee as well. And all of these folks offer a prime example of Theocracy 101.

7 thoughts on “Good Reason to Avoid

  1. calm down….

    Your insessent posting against the christo-facists is as illogical as the seathing NEOCON obsession with islamo-facists.

    The Human Species will not survive all these “isms” including “a-theism” that is as militant as the regligious fanatics.

    The post 9/11 grief process has been completed by MOST Americans. The shattering of the republican party, with the absurd and delusional clinging to that singular event as the holy grail of 21st centry politics, lead by the high priest DARTH CHENEY – are turning the stomachs of even the most stuanch Reganites like myself.

    Take a good stiff glass of wine, breath deep…. and let them continue to shoot their mouths off.

    Trust me…. They may have big congregations, with lots of stupid sheep, but they cannot take over the country from the rest of us who vastly outnumber them.

    Please remember to VOTE this year!

  2. Underdog,
    Your proprietary tone is very condescending. I suggest you take a chill pill as well. If it weren’t for people bringing it to another’s attention, people would still vote for them. And trust me, you do NOT outnumber them. You have no idea! (in case you didn’t know, my blog is about this very thing, so incessant to you is doing my job to me). Why is it you are the only one allowed to have a strong opinion???? Hmmm???

  3. The next “militant athiest” who commits an act of atheism-justified mass-murder will be the first.

    Equating atheists recent tendency to speak harshly about religion with religious extremists willingness to murder and torture is insulting and disingenuous, underdog

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  5. In the linked article, I like that Gothard is described as evangelist/tycoon. I wonder if they got that directly off of one of his business cards.

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