Walk Hard

Oh, my!! We went to see Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, and I must say, it’s not only extremely funny, it’s got some pretty darn good music in it! John C. Reilly should get an Oscar for his performance, but we all know comedies never get anything at the Academy Awards. Perhaps because the stuffed shirts in the Academy can’t award anything to a movie that doesn’t have a “relevant, social message.” Well, I say there couldn’t be anything more relevant than a parody about the music industry. Judd Apatow co-wrote this film in the style of a VH1 biopic and modeled it after Walk the Line. Ya’ think? When the movie starts, in Dewey’s childhood, you get suspicious that this film might cross some kind of line here and not be funny, but it turns into a rollicking, fun, parodic free -for-all in which Reilly does his best work on film. As we “walk” with Dewey through the 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s we are reminded how cliche most musicians lives have become, so that most of us can predictably chronicle it all before VH1 does it’s Behind the Music schtick. Anything that makes fun of an industry already extremely satiated with itself is fine by me. I immediately wanted to buy the soundtrack, which is filled with catchy tunes, including the eponymous Walk Hard. The songs are all reminiscent of your favorite musicians; Roy Orbison, Pink Floyd, and Bob Dylan. They even manage to throw in nods to the Partridge Family. The only ones who do fake soundtracks better are the folks behind Chris Guest’s mockumentaries like Waiting For Guffman. And Dewey’s stint with The Beatles in India is worth the price of the movie alone. Some might find this film over the top, but I suspect those people don’t have a good sense of humor or they have a bloated sense of self importance. The test of true character is the ability to laugh at yourself with a huge dose of humility. Kudos to Reilly for giving us a litmus test of both in this movie.

NOTE: I wouldn’t take anyone younger than 16 to this movie. I am no prude by any sense of the word. Home was a dangerous place to be where I grew up and I learned sex education ON my way to school, not at school like adults think you should in their lala fantasy world. 🙂 But, there’s TONS of sexual reference and innuendo and drug use in this movie that usually needs some kind of commentary, even though I find the movie’s own dialogue enough of a commentary for me and hilariously true at the same time. And FINALLY there’s overt male frontal nudity that lasts more than two seconds on screen! It’s about damn time sexual exploitation bled over to the male population for once! If you’re going to exploit, exploit EVERYONE please. The title of the movie should be your first hint.


5 thoughts on “Walk Hard

  1. This does look like a fun film, and I’m glad that John C. Reilly is the lead – I think he’s underrated. It will take some doing to bump ‘This is Spinal Tap’ from the number one mock-rockumentary, though. That film goes to eleven, innit.

  2. Rob,

    Then you MUST see this movie. I agree Spinal Tap was very good, but it merely opens the door to mockumentism (my word. I love making up words). All good stuff!

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