Hating Politics is Easy With This Kind of Crap Going On

Excellent AlterNet article about the sexist remarks, rants, and boohoos from various males, including Democrats, over Clinton’s show of emotion on the campaign trail. God, will these male journalists and candidates (and sexist women) EVER give it a rest? Again (as if explaining to a child), showing emotion is GOOD. Concealing and repressing emotion is BAD. It’s okay to be tired and show it. I don’t want nor does this country need another President who’s a “cock-of-the-walk” ball grabbing, tobacco spitting, bull-shitter who can’t admit he’s ever wrong or has feelings. But, come on people! Grow up! Taking cheap shots at someone’s gender, age, etc. means you can’t debate the issues because you’re argument is weak or non-existent. Same story, different era.