“I Don’t Believe in THAT God”

Internet Monk has just written my new “manifesto.” Not to be confused with creeds or things to swear by. Here’s a taste:

I don’t believe in God anymore.

Well, not THAT God. Possibly your God. Possibly the God I’ve been toting around for some time.

Which one do you mean?

That one. Look closer. And quick, because I’m throwing it out.


I don’t believe in the God who takes sides in denominational Christianity. I believe in the God who became truth in Jesus, and was so sloppy about it that I don’t have to belong to any denomination to know and understand that WORD.

I don’t believe in the God who is so identified with a denomination that someone can say “We speak for God,” and no one laughs.

I don’t believe in the God who holds me responsible for knowing that it was wrong to not go to the ______________ church instead of the ______________ church where he led me throughout my life. I reject the God who treats us all like shoppers in some reality show, held accountable for finding the prize in the “true” store. I reject the God who is leading me on a never-ending denominational purification and pilgrimage, as if he is so stingy with his availability that we must find him at the end of some life-long treasure hunt….

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One thought on ““I Don’t Believe in THAT God”

  1. I don’t believe in a God who needs a belief in Jesus from us before rescuing His creation.

    I do believe in a God considers even an atheist as saved, and in Christ.

    However, I don’t think those would make it on the list. But I do like the list.

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