“Holy Agnosis” Quote

So now: what is the relationship between gnosis and agnosis? To many people, agnosticism is seen as an enemy of faith, closer to atheism than to Christian spirituality. I see it differently. I think true Christian spirituality is deeply agnostic, in the sense that it celebrates both the knowability and the unknowability of God: God is both immanent and transcendent. Anything we say or think about God is, ultimately, not-God. Even our experience of God represents something “other” than the fullness of the Divine plenitude. Granted, Christian agnosticism is profoundly different from secular agnosticism: the Christian agnostic says “I love what I do not know” unlike the secular agnostic who says “I disbelieve what I do not know.” But both of these forms of agnosticism need to be distinguished from atheism and religious dogmatism/fundamentalism, which as I have suggested before, are really each other’s shadow.  ~Carl McColman