Feminist Manifesto For These Perilous Times

Feminist Robin Morgan’s voice is once again needed especially now, during this Presidential season, where female hatred has reached a shrill peak among talking news heads (and it’s not just conservatives either). See examples here, and here and here. Here’s a sample from Morgan’s essay:

Goodbye to the double standard . . .

—Hillary is too ballsy but too womanly, a Snow Maiden who’s emotional, and so much a politician as to be unfit for politics.

—She’s “ambitious” but he shows “fire in the belly.” (Ever had labor pains?)

—When a sexist idiot screamed “Iron my shirt!” at HRC, it was considered amusing; if a racist idiot shouted “Shine my shoes!” at BO, it would’ve inspired hours of airtime and pages of newsprint analyzing our national dishonor.

Young political Kennedys—Kathleen, Kerry, and Bobby Jr.—all endorsed Hillary. Senator Ted, age 76, endorsed Obama. If the situation were reversed, pundits would snort “See? Ted and establishment types back her, but the forward-looking generation backs him.” (Personally, I’m unimpressed with Caroline’s longing for the Return of the Fathers. Unlike the rest of the world, Americans have short memories. Me, I still recall Marilyn Monroe’s suicide, and a dead girl named Mary Jo Kopechne in Chappaquiddick.)

Goodbye to the toxic viciousness . . .

Carl Bernstein’s disgust at Hillary’s “thick ankles.” Nixon-trickster Roger Stone’s new Hillary-hating 527 group, “Citizens United Not Timid” (check the capital letters). John McCain answering “How do we beat the bitch?” with “Excellent question!” Would he have dared reply similarly to “How do we beat the black bastard?” For shame.

Goodbye to the HRC nutcracker with metal spikes between splayed thighs. If it was a tap-dancing blackface doll, we would be righteously outraged—and they would not be selling it in airports. Shame.

Goodbye to the most intimately violent T-shirts in election history, including one with the murderous slogan “If Only Hillary had married O.J. Instead!” Shame.

Goodbye to Comedy Central’s “Southpark” featuring a storyline in which terrorists secrete a bomb in HRC’s vagina. I refuse to wrench my brain down into the gutter far enough to find a race-based comparison. For shame.

Goodbye to the sick, malicious idea that this is funny. This is not “Clinton hating,” not “Hillary hating.” This is sociopathic woman-hating. If it were about Jews, we would recognize it instantly as anti-Semitic propaganda; if about race, as KKK poison. Hell, PETA would go ballistic if such vomitous spew were directed at animals. Where is our sense of outrage—as citizens, voters, Americans?

Amen to all that and more here.

So, if I’m correctly reading the state of the world right now…..we are turning our backs on children when they are molested by clergy and we are turning our backs on women when they are verbally, physically, and spiritually abused. What, again, has changed?


4 thoughts on “Feminist Manifesto For These Perilous Times

  1. I don’t know whether to be sad or to be pissed-off.

    I think I’ll choose to go with being pissed.

    Being pissed off is empowering. Being sad at this state of affairs does nothing but paralyze.

  2. Kay,

    I agree. Anger is a good thing when it leads to powerful action (power as in NOT assault) in order to change the status quo. Despair leads nowhere. I think it’s time we got angry again!

  3. **…..we are turning our backs on children when they are molested by clergy and we are turning our backs on women when they are verbally, physically, and spiritually abused. What, again, has changed?**

    I know this isn’t much comfort, but I would say there’s a change of sorts. We live in a time when we’re not letting this get shoved under some carpet, or excusing it away. YEs, there are always some making excuses. But now, we’re holding the Catholic Church accountable. We have the ability to speak out against this, to call attention to this, to say that it’s wrong, rather than convincing society that it’s wrong in the first place.

    What’s changed is that we have a voice, and we’re getting louder. We’re also back-sliding, but I’m thinking the genie isn’t going back in the bottle again.

  4. OneSmallStep,

    True, it is encouraging that we are refusing to remain silent. But it’s hard to see change when the male outrage against female presidential candidates is ratcheted up to the nth degree. Obviously, they don’t know how ridiculous they sound.

    The spiritual abuse is sooooo much deeper. Believers are prime examples of people specifically groomed to stay silent, obedient, and reverent toward their “superiors.” It’s especially insidious in the Catholic church. The movie “Deliver Us From Evil” showed two families who were shocked beyond belief to discover that their priest, who by all definitions, was the “perfect” priest raped their children right under their noses and IN their own homes. It was painful to see the sense of guilt and pain.

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