More Presidential Misogyny

This is really getting old, but you gotta’ see it to believe it. More “love” for the Clinton campaign. Ummm. I thought we were all out of grade school by now, but apparently some boys aren’t.:

Tim Russert suggested that there is irony in a “self-avowed feminist” having shown “some emotion,” as though feminists are the dour, humorless beings Rush Limbaugh and Tucker Carlson think they are. At least Russert stopped short of using the term “feminazis.”

A few days later, Tucker Carlson mocked the idea that Hillary Clinton could have been a “victim of gender discrimination,” noting that she had gone to Yale Law School. Clinton’s comments about “gender equality,” to which Carlson was purportedly responding, were in fact general, and not about her specifically. And his invocation of Clinton’s graduation from Yale Law as evidence of a lack of gender inequity in her life was just bizarre: As Clinton noted in her autobiography, “When I entered Yale Law School in the fall of 1969, I was one of twenty-seven women out of 235 students to matriculate. This seems like a paltry number now, but it was a breakthrough at the time and meant that women would no longer be token students at Yale.”

Incidentally, Carlson doesn’t seem to have defended Matthews. Maybe he didn’t want to draw attention to his own on-air behavior:

And then there’s MSNBC host Tucker Carlson, who has described Hillary Clinton as “whining” and suggested the reason there are so few women in Congress is that “most women are so sensible, they don’t want to get involved in something as stupid as politics” and said of Clinton, “[W]hen she comes on television, I involuntarily cross my legs,” and described her as “castrating, overbearing, and scary.” (MSNBC can’t say they didn’t know what they were getting when they hired Carlson; before joining the cable channel, he said women “want to be spanked vigorously every once in a while” and told Elle magazine that Clinton is his “guilty fantasy,” explaining: “Every time I see her I think I could, you know, help. … She seems tense.”)