Around the Blogosphere, Now That the Internet’s Back Up

Sheesh! Our internet was down due to a snowstorm for that last two days and I feel as if I’m missing a hand! No, I’m not addicted to the internet. Not at all. The lovely part was “interacting” with my husband a couple times more than usual on a weekend. 🙂 Did I say that out loud? While I have nothing useful to say, since I’ve said as much as I could this week already, I’ve been following some fascinating stories around the blogosphere:

Archbishop Rowan‘s flirtation with Shari’a law.

-Watched good movies this weekend:  3:10 to Yuma (Delicious Crowe), Manic, Eastern Promises, and Save the Green Planet (nod to my growing favorite genre: Asia Extreme on Sundance).

-I don’t know about you, but constantly being compared to French women is getting pretty old.

– Fascinating article that asks the question, “Is God Bigger Than Christianity?


4 thoughts on “Around the Blogosphere, Now That the Internet’s Back Up

  1. I think a summary of the French women article might be “you snooze, you lose!”. It stands to reason all the more that we should be a voice in our country for freedom (from fundamentalism as well as societal taboos) to explore the world world around us (including sex). Notabarbie’s article about Mohini comes to mind.

    Lordy! I couldn’t even get halfway through achurchlessfaith’s article. Felt like a mathematical theme paper.

  2. Marge,

    I’m all for exploration!! Yes, churchless was a little obtuse, but an interesting premise yes? The fact that Christianity worships a god it can control. Well, duh!

  3. I think for some religions, like Catholicism, inclusion of a god simply provides a perceived authority to grant them the power they so liberally wield. I don’t know any religious types who realize and certainly not who admit that much of their doctrines shape the god they profess. It’s all part of the blindness.

  4. Marge,
    Yes, I find it fascinating that if you confront the church’s beliefs about certain things, they instantly say you haven’t understood it correctly. Ye olde “blame the victim” mentality. 🙂

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