No Stomach For TV Tripe

boredom.jpgSheesh am I bored with the news! And TV in general. Sure, I’m watching my shows religiously; Supernatural, Survivor: Micronesia, Project Runway, Ghost Hunters International, and The New Adventures of Old Christine. (ok, a woman’s tripe is another’s foie gras) But, the news is a vast wasteland of “he said/she said.” YAWN. The Academy Awards are more masturbatory than enlightening, considering nobody actually sees the movies that come out in December because a) they are only for Oscar consumption, and b) they are cultural elitist propaganda and claptrap meant to make political statements most of the time.

I really cannot muster enough interest in anything right now but reading the latest Greg Iles book and playing my addictive computer game Bookworm. Work is the same old, same old. The only thing new is the trip I’m taking to Hungary (the fatherland) with my son in April. My unknown father came to America following the ’56 Communist takeover of Hungary. He quickly married my mother, fathered 3 girls a year apart from each other, and promptly left without a word. I don’t care about finding the man, but I do care about heritage and this trip will answer (or maybe not) a lot of questions for me. If not, at least it’ll be something new! Ok, I’m trudging off to plug myself into the worker bee slot now. See ya’.

8 thoughts on “No Stomach For TV Tripe

  1. I hate TV. If my son wasn’t such an addict I’d we’d get rid of ours entirely.

    Hungary? Interesting. I have a very close friend that is Hungarian, it’s a very interesting heritage to have. I hope you have a wonderful experience there.

  2. BTW – I’m re-reading all my old Douglas Adams books. I have a hunch you have already devoured all his writings and memorised them. If not, you really should – for serious comic relief if nothing else.

  3. Marge,

    You see, that’s just it. I like TV but only because of TiVo. If I had to sit through commercials without TiVo, I would shoot myself. Now books, yes! I’ve got Douglas Adams, but haven’t quite “devoured” it. I should, but for some reason haven’t.

    Hungary: It explains a lot about me. 🙂

  4. I haven’t bothered hooking up my television and just use it to watch movies and play video games. I do buy occasional shows I like on DVD (Mythbusters, Pinky and the Brain, the Muppet Show), but don’t like enough shows to pay for cable.

    If you like Red Dwarf and Douglas Adams, and want a different look at end-times Christian theology, I recommend Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. It’s one of my favourite novels.

    I have a few friends whose parents are from Hungary, but don’t know much about the country, myself. I hope you enjoy your trip.

  5. Hey! I thought you quit blogging. I am bored w/ TV too. But I am sucked into the pop-culture icon show “American Idol”. I like “Lost” and that’s it.

    Books baby! Books!

  6. wvanloon! Good to see you! I did quit, but can’t keep my big mouth shut. Books, books, and more books! But see TV and film are just books to look at. I love ’em all. I’ve gotten impatient with Lost. It reminds me of a boyfriend that keeps stringing you along but never actually commits! 🙂

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