Usurping The Mother at Every Turn

God/dess forbid we should have people “born again” under the auspices of the feminine (even though everyone is born of woman, including “god“). The sexist implications of this pronouncements is staggering. I know it’s nothing new since Christianity has been doing it for centuries, but anyone with a feminist mindset can see that usurping the mother is the only way to establish control of the entire world through the unnatural “headship” of the father. Severing blood ties that maternity brings, as in the feudal days of agnatic primogeniture, is the only way to assure a stranglehold over life and property. Therefore, severing spiritual ties to The Great Mother Goddess also serves the same purpose. Thanks Wren’s Nest for the link.


4 thoughts on “Usurping The Mother at Every Turn

  1. I can’t get past the Pope saying that they’d have to be re-baptized if the first one didn’t contain “Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.” So … God would seriously exclude a person based on the Pope’s say-so? Or because the person was baptized “wrong?”

    I’d find the idea that radical feminism is threatening a lot more valid if giving women the right to vote hadn’t once been seen as radical.

  2. OSS,

    I believe the POPE is actually saying the person was baptized “wrong” AND saying that what he says goes. In other words, all channels of spirituality must go through him (or the office) to be valid. Methinks he has a superiority complex.

  3. This topic is so maddening that I have trouble contemplating it this morning. I’m going back to read the Skinny Bitches post to reset my mentality.

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