Feminism Has Its Moments

There’s a catfight raging between the liberal women over at Feministing and the conservative women over at Independent women’s forum. What’s it over? This article and, you guessed it, men. Frankly, I’ve always thought radical feminists gave Bill Clinton a free pass even though he’s the biggest and most obvious groper since JFK. Now it looks like they are “swooning” over their Messiah, Obama, the same way. It appears that even feminists are still looking for a man to save them. Oy.


15 thoughts on “Feminism Has Its Moments

  1. Several of the mommy blogs I read have the “I’m an Obama Mama” badge on them. I roll my eyes and chuckle every time I see it.

  2. Aren’t the women flocking to Clinton those who are of the older generation? Those that remember what it’s like to not have the rights that we do have, be it employment, child-care, or even matters of reproduction? Whereas the younger generation of women is flocking to Obama?

  3. Oy, indeed. The ‘older generation’…. what classifies one as part of the older generation? I’m worried I’m in that group, which is fine because that’s where I am after all.

    One of our political bloggers here is in her early 20s. This is <a href=”http://politicalgame.blogspot.com/2008/01/finding-her-voice-finding-my-support.html” her piece on supporting Hillary.

  4. OSS,

    Yes, what’s “older?” When most feminists finally discover they are feminists they may be of any age, like me. Which “category” do I fit in? Supposedly there are three waves and the present generation is considered the third wave of feminism. I don’t think that’s helpful, but people must classify.

  5. Wordsmith,

    Thanks for the link! I’ve heard it time and again (usually by men) that it would be SO WRONG to vote for Hillary JUST because she’s a woman, when in reality men have been and are still doing this for years! I’ve heard Christian men say today that no woman should ever be in the office of President, thereby doing for men what they say we should never do for a woman; vote them in! I say voting for Hillary because we need a woman in the White House is the absolute BEST reason to vote for her. Obama? Meh, just another man, AGAIN!

  6. I’m worried ladies. Take care lest we reduce our great political process to a pissing contest between genders. Even for the staunchest feminist it is necessary to consider the candidates on their ability to lead.

    Strip each candidate of their gender, race, religion and media PR and ask yourself what exactly they have to offer as a leader. Have you read Lee Iacocca’s latest book “Where Have All The Leaders Gone” ? Go. Now. Read it! It completely changed the way I am viewing this election and my own evaluation of the candidates.

  7. Sorry, Marge, I must be more of a cynic than most. I don’t think we can choose a President by looking at this or that qualification or even their track record of voting because it will all change once the person gets in office.

    In fact, I still think deciding who the candidate is, is an “inside job” run by political cronies and those returning favors owed. And I certainly don’t think that our votes mean very much at all. It’s something the elites throw our way to appease us. More bread and circuses and the illusion of “being part of the process.”

    And I do think it will come to a pissing contest when the Conventions roll around.

    Well, now that I’ve spilled my pessimistic attitude all over everyone….. 🙂

  8. MOI/Wordsmith,

    I could be cute and say anyone who’s older than me, since I’m only 26. 😉

    The articles and commentaries I’ve read haven’t really defined what “older” means. The gist does seem to be those in their 40s, 50s, or above. I guess those more aware of what women had to fight so hard to gain? I’m always astonished in conversations with my mother, because I had so many opportunities she didn’t, given the different generations. And that’s only a twenty-ish year gap or so.

  9. OSS,

    Well, I’m older, I admit it. I’ll be 48 in two weeks! But, there are differences as far as the level of fighting for rights is concerned. I didn’t fight as hard as say those in their 60s did. My mother didn’t really care about “rights” at all, so I guess you could say only those in academia or politics were concerned about it. But I did and still experience sexism in areas where you’d think it was taken care of ages ago….academia. Sheesh! what a crowd. What’s funny is that even among feminists there is now discrimination between “radical” and “moderate” feminists and “elite” and “working class” women. Amazing.

  10. MOI – I’m cynical too – our system is badly flawed and Jane Voter doesn’t hold a lot of sway. Even still, that book gave me a new insight. You’re right you can’t look at the voting record and qualifications for any definitive indicators but you can evaluate their ability to lead in other ways. Iacocca offers some very good points to consider.

    For a more comical take on the Clinton/Obama struggle checl out Neil’s post today on Citizen Of The Month. http://www.citizenofthemonth.com/

  11. well, I simply want to hear all the thoughts because this is how we change realities and as far as i’m concerned it’s a no brainer in regard to feminisim. i agree w/everything has to be labeled [so it loses power as we re-label..no it’s liberal fem. no it’s indiv. fem. no it’s traditional fem. blablabla] meanwhile wait; women are colonized, every minority is, so you tend to protect your masters;
    i’m old as in chronologically, i guess, though what does that mean?; i’m young as in heart because i’ve walked the earth awhile and long enough to have my own sexist statistics; let’s see: two rapes, one attempted, oh one at knife point; possibly my first daughter’s biological father; incest by paternal uncle; controlled w/food by paternal grandfather; lost 2nd child to adoption, no advocacy or help, already had the first child; two divorces, punished by husbands because i left because i had no rights; what do i get? four beautiful children, a birthchild who found me and respects/loves me; seven grandchildren; a Voice that won’t stop; do you know what NAG means? it means never another gag as in why would someone nag? BECAUSE THEY AREN’T being heard/acknowledged? i DO want hillary because she is a woman, though it’s only symbolic for sure; i agree that it doesn’t matter; who is running the show and it is a show; and i agree we are given what we need as the masses to be satisfied, for a while longer; no one is free when others are oppressed; the constitution was written by white men who had slaves, mistresses, hid their sick and affirmed and disabled; owned women and children; BUT OH they were so cool and smart and intelligent and cared about justice; are you f****g kidding?
    i mean really? are we really that naive or afraid to say that perhaps we could uhhhh change the original constitution, but how could we do that? no, it’s so deep rooted, it’s really unbelievable; i just won’t shut up. that’s my saving grace. i won’t shut up. because the woman’s mouth [and breasts and womb] are all owned; women do not own their lives; any woman who says they do is afraid to rock her already flimsy boat; in order to face the reality of sexism women would have to give up their spoonfed romantic notion that a prince exists; boo hoo. let me tell you it’s real. i grew up on sixties music and i bawled all the time for love; and i was on the honor roll, head majorette; class president; red cross youth county president; i was being the good girl; meanwhile no one knew i was being molested; i feel vindicated all the time because i work every day to define myself; and THAT is feminism, plain and simple; and i encourage my children to do this and allow others to do it and it causes waves of course, we are threatened to change, we are little children waiting for approval, the applause, the permission, we are afraid, we have been punished, religion keeps us in a bind; you bring up freedom and it creates issues upon issues upon issues, except issue is a word and lives are real; children are not free if their mothers are not free. get a life everyone. it isn’t complicated math. it’s right there.
    women have a lot to lose by standing up for themselves, including their lives; i’ve been threatened, called every name, assumed i was a lesbo; a man-hater, you name it;
    my own dad thought i was a bit crazy; i’m SO sane it hurts; long live the woman with a big mouth, because basically the ONLY time it’s really totally OKAY for women to have their mouth totally open is when it is s***g the big one; the big male one; for the big male genital one your mouth is to be open wide; for the big male ego one your mouth is to shut real close; just ask anyone, any religion; why is atheism assumed to be the opposite of religion; why is feminism assumed to be opposite man; my father died young and told me i would never be happy because i couldn’t accept what is; i’ve been told by family members to “get over it” what? get over what? gawd: it’s too much. so YES TO a symbol of female president in a country that lost its soul a long time ago; not just recently; but will she win, hmm, that would be the day! and will it change THAT much in the world of how politics/money rules the world; not very much; increments maybe; i’d love to live to see my granddaughters walking safe and tall and free and not having to listen to every person we pass [including the women of course!] tell us “isn’t she cute, beautiful, adorable, head turner, she’s going to knock those boys dead, a little woman [ugh] and what will this worship of her body/face bring her? nothing real.
    i guess i ought to shut up

  12. vivi,

    Amen to all that! Especially “i grew up on sixties music and i bawled all the time for love; and i was on the honor roll, head majorette; class president; red cross youth county president; i was being the good girl; meanwhile no one knew i was being molested; i feel vindicated all the time because i work every day to define myself; and THAT is feminism, plain and simple;”

    That is feminism plain and simple. Defining ourselves is OUR prerogative, not mens.’ Outlining the terms of our own existence is OUR right, not mens’ right. Feminism is born of OUR pain and this is something men will never, ever understand.

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