Women Responsible For Men Cheating….AGAIN!

Dr. Laura and Mark Driscoll should get married. I wonder who would “cheat” first if they did? Thanks to Feministing for the link. Did I mention that I’m so sick of this tripe?


8 thoughts on “Women Responsible For Men Cheating….AGAIN!

  1. I wouldn’t rely on MSNBC. Did you actually see the video? The whole video? Did you watch and listen carefully? Dr. Laura was not excusing Spitzer, who is probably a malignant narcissist.

    She was talking about “in general” – Dr. Laura says that ***IF*** you choose a GOOD man ***AND*** you treat him right, he will not stray. Nowhere does she excuse men for their decisions to commit adultery. However, she recognizes that if a wife isn’t living by her marital vows (which are more than just “forsaking all others”), THEN a man is more likely not to live by his, either.

  2. Ken,

    Yes, I DID watch the video and I DID listen carefully. It’s still blaming women and offering “excuses” where none should be offered. Perfectly happy partners can stray from the marriage bed, but to always focus on the women’s role in marriage is sexist and a tired, boring argument. How about Spitzer was on an ego trip. How about Spitzer was willingly unavailable to HIS wife? How about Spitzer only married his wife’s money and was uninterested in her sexually from the beginning? I don’t expect you to see this pattern of always blaming women FIRST, but it’s there.

  3. Even if the wife is not sexually available to the husband, that is no excuse for adultery. The vows themselves should mean something to the husband. The husband’s personal integrety should factor in here, rather than using, “She wouldn’t have sex with me” as an excuse.

    It still comes down to blaming the woman. She wasn’t available. She let herself go. Why is it never “He couldn’t keep it in his pants?” It just seems to come back down to “boys will be boys.” They aren’t held accountable in terms of sexual responsiblity, but rather seen as enslaved to hormones.

  4. OSS,

    Yes, keeping it in their pants….They are men and can’t help it! Which is precisely the argument men have used against women throughout the ages. Sheesh!

  5. That is so wrong, my head hurts. A person is responsible for his or her own actions. There’s such thing as provocation, but “not being sexually available” is not the same thing as “holding a gun to his head and demanding”. Sex is not like eating or breathing. A little (or even a lot of)abstinance doesn’t kill anyone.

  6. Quester,

    I know! It’s the insistence of the “availability” of women at all times and at every male whim that gets me. Women are human beings, not objects for play and this is precisely how Spitzer treated his “call” girl and his wife. They are obviously both there to meet his needs whenever he chooses. I haven’t even begun to touch on the issues of money, economics, and why women choose to sell themselves in that way. Right or wrong, it’s a responsibility issue, and blaming your partner is the same old, tired game.

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