Creative Juices Have Got to Flow

Had a pique of writing this morning. Unfortunately, not here, but over here. I hope you enjoy it.

On another note, I’ve been spending time in the women’s spirituality web. Found a great site for those who identify with the Medusa myth. Ladies, check it out! The links are great, but it still needs work. She sounds like a lost soul in need of some feminine support. 🙂  Here’s another good women’s spirituality blog by Judith Laura.


4 thoughts on “Creative Juices Have Got to Flow

  1. angryxtian,

    Well, in a real sense, we all learn to take on the role that society hands us as women. Rather than be true to our selves, whether that includes masculine or feminine or whatever traits come naturally, we inherit the society’s role that we are born into and expected to project that. Every morning I choose what clothes to wear and similarly, every morning we put on our public face as well. Simone de Beauvoir said that we are not born women. I’m not sure I’d accept that sentiment completely, but she’s right in that we are forced to model those traits society deems acceptable, according to the physical “parts” we are born with.

    I’m a forceful, aggressive woman, which is why I don’t fit into churches and male dominated arenas. I find myself adjusting MY attitude rather than they adjusting theirs. Men never seem to adjust their attitudes when it comes to women, only for other men, so in a way, they are male impersonators.

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