Supporting Freedom of Choice is a Sin, But Abusing Children is Ok!

Ok, Roman Catholics are really beginning to piss me off big time. First we have a Pope who turns a blind eye to the sexual abuse of thousands of children and now we have bishops telling governors that supporting the right of others to do as they wish is a sin! Hmmmm. Pot meet kettle. So let me get this straight. The ACTUAL sexual abuse of children is ok and is not subject to excommunication (after all priests need their outlets don’t you know), but someone who hasn’t ACTUALLY had an abortion can be excommunicated for exercising their civil rights and being pro-choice. Is that correct? I mean really, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this the HEIGHT of hypocrisy and absurdity? It’s a known fact that all of the popes swept the abusive priest reports under the rug in order to keep their coveted positions. What I don’t understand is why people still worship morons like these. I’m not surprised really, just very, very pissed off and sickened that a pope and bishops and priests and all Catholic clergy are given a free pass by the laity to do whatever they wish and to whomever they wish. How dumb and blind is that?

For those not so gullible, there is help here and here. And for those who want to see the light, there’s help here.


6 thoughts on “Supporting Freedom of Choice is a Sin, But Abusing Children is Ok!

  1. Um….yeah. Mark me down for all that too. Especially for B16. RRRRRRGH.

    This is all why I’m not a Roman Catholic anymore….

  2. MOI, what’s even scarier is that the reported figures are usually significantly less than the actual incidences of sexual abuse! Hopefully they’ll have the courage to come out of the shadows of the shame and guilt that have clouded them for so long and find the courage to reach their place of healing.

    I think this situation is a result of a sexually-repressed environment. If they were allowed to marry or have relationships in the first place, this crisis could have been avoided. Celibacy should be a choice, not a command, and an unreasonable one at that in the Catholic paradigm.

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