Who’s The Mole?

Ok, I love television shows and I really like a few choice reality TV shows. I’m a big Survivor and Amazing Race fan. I can’t miss Dancing With the Stars and I even gave Real Housewives of Orange County a try before I gave up on their dense obsession with their own looks and money. I’ve watch (semi-faithfully) shows like Iron Chef America, Ace of Cakes, and Miami Ink, and LA Ink. I love Ghost Hunters (and yes, I know they could be fake!). It doesn’t matter how scripted they may be, I love the strategy people employ to win games involving other people who may be just as devious as they are. It’s like life in a microcosm. 🙂 Others are just downright fun to watch.

Since I’m always on the lookout for good shows during the summer because all my old standbys have had their season finales, I thought I’d try The Mole. I’d never seen this show before and it looked like a cross between all three of my favorites (I’m including the short-lived Treasure Hunters from two summers ago in this lot). Unfortunately, I must be really obtuse or something cause I did NOT get the strategy of it at all. I get that someone’s being paid to lie and sabotage everyone else’s game. I get that you are supposed to figure out who the mole is, but what I don’t get is the way they single people out to run the game for everyone else. What does this do? Who cares how Marci divided up those who would get real money or fake? What in Zeus’ name would that reveal? And what’s with the dumb quiz at the end? All that does is single out who you already thought was the mole to begin with. That’s not news! I don’t know. I may give it one more look-see next week, but right now it has none of the conniving of Survivor and none of the fun of finding clues to move on to the next level, but all the annoyance of people with no personality. I might have to keep looking for a fun summer replacement show. Although Mad Men starts soon and even The Closer is premiering soon!! Woohoo!