I Suck at Tests and Summer TV

I haven’t blogged much. I’ve decided that I really am paid what I’m worth and stopped the job hunt. Why? Because I scored a lousy 76(!!!) on a Civil Service test and am now re-thinking the “I’m-such-a-career-catch” idea. Jeez! Can you say LOSER? Can you see it imprinted on the forehead? I have never been good at tests. Long essays, research, and writing are my forte. Tests? Not so much. I barely passed the GRE to get into the Master’s program although I sailed through my college years with a 4.0 grade point average. Tests and I do not go together. I cannot do those stupid logic problems that says Johnny and Rachel and Eddie are in an apartment building. Johnny and Eddie live next door to Abigail, but Abigail is not on the same floor as Joanna. You know the ones!! Are you Freakin’ kidding me? Who gives a *%&$## about their apartment building. I HATE THEM! Vocabulary I get. Reading Comprehension I get. Math? What’s math? You get the idea.

Even though I had already decided to stay put in my current job, I still tested because I didn’t want to be a “no-show” and yes, secretly, I wanted to prove I could put myself out there again and BE WANTED! Wrong again. It’s humiliating to think that 34 people performed better on the test than I did! Now I’m bummed and spent the week watching this:

and this:

Yes, I know this one’s a ripoff of Ninja Warrior, but I couldn’t resist. I got a huge laugh out of it anyway. Watching people bounce on giant rubber balls and into the mud just never gets old!

I also spend my summer nights watching this:

I’m a TV geek what can I say?

So, I suppose there are worse things to do when you find out you’re past your prime in the work force, right?


4 thoughts on “I Suck at Tests and Summer TV

  1. Tests let you know only how closely you approximate to the mind set of the person who designed the test.

    In an essay, you’re at least in with a chance of letting some jaded examiner or tutor know that there are other, equally valid, mind sets. You might even change someone’s opinion. Nobody’s ever going to do that in their answers to a multiple choice test.

    You used to be able to get into the British Civil Service on the strength of a Classics degree. This supposedly indicates an ability to think clearly. That’s what we need in our civil servants who, traditionally, are supposed to be concerned with implementing policy, rather than inventing it.

    Knowledge can always be acquired. To paraphrase Paul, “The greatest of these is clarity”.


  2. Reg,

    Good point about approximating the mindset of the test creator. Even though I have a degree as well, I have never done well on certain kinds of tests. Weird. Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

  3. I worry that testing procedures like this foster an attitude that says:
    “you’re only useful if you think like me”.
    People are always paying lip service to innovation,but I wonder if they really mean it.

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