Beating Your Wives For Jesus’ Sake!

Oh, my freakin’ God, again another religious asshole justifies abusing women by absolving men of personal responsibility. Check this out! (Thanks to Ethics Daily for providing the article) How much clearer can he say, “She made me do it!”

Men, Ware says, can ONLY respond in two ways, beat her or become a wuss:

Commenting on selected passages from the first three chapters of Genesis, Ware said Eve’s curse in the Garden of Eden meant “her desire will be to have her way” instead of her obeying her husband, “because she’s a sinner.”

What that means to the man, Ware said, is: “He will have to rule, and because he’s a sinner, this can happen in one of two ways. It can happen either through ruling that is abusive and oppressive–and of course we all know the horrors of that and the ugliness of that–but here’s the other way in which he can respond when his authority is threatened. He can acquiesce. He can become passive. He can give up any responsibility that he thought he had to the leader in the relationship and just say ‘OK dear,’ ‘Whatever you say dear,’ ‘Fine dear’ and become a passive husband, because of sin.”

Gee, which one do you think Ware HOPES men will choose? How sick is this man and how horrific that people are listening to him. Notice that Ware cannot conceive of any options but two. This is typical of the binary thinking of the hyper-fundamentalist mind.

By all means read the rest of the article. You’ll love the “women are saved” by having babies part. I predict many a man will go home from the sermon that day justified in his belief that smacking his wife around is the “manly” thing to do to keep the little lady in line. Disgusting.


4 thoughts on “Beating Your Wives For Jesus’ Sake!

  1. This is a terrible example of man (literally in this case), projecting God in his own image. I think the official position is that it’s supposed to be the other way around. Perhaps the best example of this I’ve encountered recently is the Pastor of that sect which rejoices in the death of soldiers. The nasty pathological anger inside that man’s God bears an uncanny resemblance to him.


  2. Regg,

    Yes, Mr. Phelps of the Westboro hating Baptists. I know them well. They were in my town protesting a funeral of a fallen soldier last year. Hateful.

    And I agree with you. Both cases of projection. Most people who hate are reacting to latent feelings of inadequacy themselves.

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