Why Didn’t I Think of That?

Fresh from the Department of “Why Didn’t I Think of That?” we find this. Women of the world take note!! 🙂 (Another news source here) Man this is jumping all over the conservative and Christian blogosphere. WOOOeee are they mad.

3 thoughts on “Why Didn’t I Think of That?

  1. Sorry but this strikes me as unnecessary drama that is wasting tax dollars in the justice system. It made news but it won’t last an hour in court. There are many translations of the Bible, the Qaran, and other sacred scripts. Freedom of speech is freedom of speech. If an injustice was done, it was not the fault of the publishers.

    What next? PETA suing about stories of cruelty to animals (sacrifices)? Swingers complaining about the translation of the word adultery?

  2. Since the originals on which the bible is based have long since been lost, we can have no reliable idea what its original authors may have meant. since then, one of the principal uses of the bible seems to have been the making use of its vagaries by zealots, claiming that it says exactly what they believe. I don’t think they’re likely to stop any time soon.

    Perhaps uncharitably, I wonder how much real distress is driving Mr fowler’s action, and how much litigeous rapacity. Maybe it’s the case of blinkered versus Greedy. Heads or tails, the lawyers win.

  3. Marge and Reg,

    You are missing the main point! It’s the American way to sue for umbrage! If we can sue cigarette companies for failing to warn us of the addiction to nicotine, then why can’t we sue the publishers of the bible for addiction to religion? I think it’s a great idea. Not only that, the idiocy of biblical inerrancy might finally come into the mainstream and wow, a whopper of a national argument. They might get exposed for the lame argument that they’ve been foisting on the people for so long. Besides, it’s not any lamer than spending millions of tax dollars on a sham election process!

    Of course we are incurring the wrath of all those Texans again. That might be bad!

    (my pardons to those Texans who aren’t polygamists, wife-beaters, or racist)

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