Obeus.Com Advertisers Stole My Blog Content

Obeus.com, an apparent ad generating site is stealing blog entries and creating fake web sites to advertise on. If you see my blog entry “Faith in Faith Not Faith in God” at famlove.cn, please do not click on their links.

Update: Turns out this splogger web domain comes out of China. Obeus.com is the only listed advertiser and G3 is the only other link to another domain web designer. That page looks French. Contacting obeus.com with a cease and desist email got me a smart ass answer along the lines of “In case you didn’t notice” and “what does that have to do with us?” After responding that theirs was the only advertisement on the web site, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who was behind it, I heard no more. I say we fight the assholes.


5 thoughts on “Obeus.Com Advertisers Stole My Blog Content

  1. Do Blogger blogs get splogged? I know I’ve never come across a time where any of my Blogger blogs were splogged. Of course, maybe splogging is a modern invention and wasn’t around in those days.

    I tried fighting it, by getting in touch with the sploggers host and they just sent me a big long legal diatribe about “fair use copyright” crap. Of course, it was all U.S. related and I’m in Canada. I’m so sick and tired of it.

  2. Zoe,

    I think maybe Bloggers on Bloggspot do get splogged. I’ve read some comments in other forums that suggest that they do.

    I’m sick and tired of it to. All in the interests of making a buck by ads! Spammers and sploggers are like hackers: too lazy to create their own content and not enough gumption to get a real job.

  3. Okay, so there goes that idea, re: Blogger.

    Wonder if big name blogs get splogged?

    Maybe the only way to beat it is to use one’s real name or actually have published a book?

  4. Just thought I’d mention, the link from that post to my site is now showing up in my trackbacks from your splogger. Jerks. Unbelievable. One thing I can say, at least you get to keep your blog ID, I always get renamed…always a guy’s name too. Geesh.

  5. Zoe,

    Oh, I’m sorry!! Obviously the “boys” and I’m sure they are boys in every sense of the word, behind that splog can’t come up with anything original so they have to steal from our blogs. Un-be-freakin-believable!

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