Existentialism 101

Richard has a great series of articles about Existentialism over at DeConversion blog (Here is Part I). I highly recommend all of the parts, especially for those philosophobes who are afraid to dip their toes in the existential waters. Go on…don’t be afraid…

2 thoughts on “Existentialism 101

  1. Thank you for the recommendation. Richard does a great job. I should say, a great job for me. I guess I must learn to speak only for myself.

    However absurd Monsieur Camus thinks it is, I think letting go of a need for “cosmic meaning” is my toughest challenge. Pattern recognition is obviously very important for us. So important perhaps, that we might invent a pattern if there isn’t one. I believe you sighted folks can start to see faces if you stare at a blank wall for long enough.

  2. Reg,

    You are absolutely right. We do see patterns. I do believe there is some kind of serendipitous force in the world, but not sure how that plays out. More like coincidental waves than anything, if that makes sense. The world is full of patterns, so not to “see” them would be absurd I think. There are patterns everywhere; social patterns, patterns in nature, patterns at the sub-atomic level. The problem starts when we attribute those patterns to an Intelligent Designer.

    You mean there IS no face on Mars?? Darn!

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