Mortality and Loving Life

Today the air is sizzling around me. Do you ever have one of those days where you are totally aware of your surroundings at all times? Where you can even feel the very clothes on your skin? Everything is bristling with sensitivity and your head’s all abuzz? No, it’s not a bad sinus infection. It’s what I like to call, being totally alive right this moment. And I’m loving it. It was brought home to me recently how wonderful it is to be in your own skin right now and how needlessly we stress out over things that are completely baseless. We worry and worry and work ourselves up into a tizzy and it does nothing but send us to an early grave. I think we should all take long, long thoughtful moments during the day to just breathe it all in. The Naked Soul calls this “allowing our spirits to catch up:”

We in fact do need to allow our spirit to catch up so to speak; however the way we do this is not by doing different things that keep us busy, such as a day off or a vacation. In fact we owe it our self, to our personal well being and subsequent growth to make time for our spirit to catch up daily and to develop an awareness of the state of “busy” that we too often find ourselves in. To allow our spirit to catch up as the natives in the story prescribed themselves is not to necessarily stop the activity as much as it is to change our state of being from being busy and hurried to being at peace in who we are and what we are doing. That is we can still go through our day and at the same time not be in such a hurried state of mind to get everything done. The truth is that often when we change our state of being from being in such a hurry we actually heighten our awareness and actually get more done while in a more peaceful and relaxed state.

Well said! How many of us are actually at peace with who we are or what we are doing? Nowadays, you aren’t anybody if you’re not constantly moving, moving, moving. In the job market, you are stagnating if you don’t change jobs every 7 years. Marriages fall apart without really trying. We want things to be perfect without having to work for it. It should just BE that way. But how about if things were perfect right now? What if, as Bill Murray said in Groundhog Day, “What if there is no tomorrow? There wasn’t one today?!”

When one has a close “shave” with death, like I did almost a year and a half ago, it really puts your whole life into perspective. You realize what’s important and what isn’t. You may take more personal risks because, frankly, you may not be here tomorrow. Or you may stay risk-free to jealously guard what you have worked for. I almost wasn’t here tomorrow. (And if I’m gone tomorrow, hopefully, you faithful readers will know that something is up). But, for right now, I just want to listen to those birds outside the window this morning, feel that intense heat on my skin, and take today as it comes without worrying about this or that deadline or whether this or that person was being mean or merely careless. It’s not this and it’s not that. It just is what it is.


3 thoughts on “Mortality and Loving Life

  1. Good advice and, having had a fraught fairly unspiritual morning this morning, I need to remember that things may not be as crucial (no pun intended) as they seem, just because they’re going wrong. We have no right to rightness. In fact, I’m not sure about rights at all, but that’s another discussion, and this is not my blog. But its esteemed owner should know that the first link in this post, which my screen reader renders as “brought home to me”, appears not to work. But the birds have long since stopped here, and I can feel tea and quiet coming on.

  2. Reg,

    See? There’s no reason to stress over broken links is there, because obviously technology is not cooperating with me this morning either. Thanks for the headsup. 🙂

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