Where In The World Have I Been?

Hello everyone! Yes, it’s been a while and I feel as if my brain has been on hiatus for quite some time. Many, many waters have passed under the bridge, one of which was interest in church or religion, which I have not missed one scintilla since last we spoke. I had made an earlier attempt to go to church, if you’ll recall, for the love of singing in the choir and seeing people I knew. I also tried to renew what little faith in God I had left, but I must say it was a failed enterprise. I was also working up an extremely good case of apathy. Yes, those were the days.

Well, I’ve missed y’all, I really have. Some have not missed me. I had become quite intolerable to some of my readers. But others have been very, very supportive. And why must I always talk in riddles? Come, come, let us be plain speaking shall we? Perhaps in time. Right now, my secrets must remain, but my desire to continue blogging is renewed and ever strong. Why? Well, because I just can’t keep my damn mouth shut that’s why!! πŸ™‚ I ask for your toleration, if not outright interest, as I do so! It’s good to be back.


8 thoughts on “Where In The World Have I Been?

  1. I’m glad you’re back. Whether throwing flowers or rocks, keep doing it; I for one might have dozed off if I hadn’t discovered MOI.
    Don’t bother with people who can’t be bothered.


  2. Reg,

    Without faithful fans like you I would melt into obscurity never to lob a rock or smell flowers again! (smile). Thanks for being among the reader “elite.”

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