Eat What You Want For the Holidays!

After having a heart incident a couple years ago, and after having a doctor tell me I’m just a victim of lousy genetics because all my LDLs and other levels were normal except the one that processes something I have little control over, I’ve had a new outlook on life and health. As the doctor told me, there’s little you can do once genetics takes bbw-statueover. That was encouraging to me, especially since they concluded that I was pretty much healthy at the weight I am, except for that genetic flaw. So, I’ve always loved that my doctor never pushes about weight but does push the exercise and healthy eating. Who doesn’t? But, the healthy eating is entirely up to me and my judgment, not someone else’s. After years of staying the same weight with little or no effect even WITH diet and exercise, I’ve decided that loving myself, eating what I want, and engaging in activities for the activity’s sake and not for some other goal is far more productive than that good old money and time-waster everyone indulges in this time of year and beyond:  “fat hatred.”

I’ve always hated that for years we’ve all been inundated with “news” programs that claim to give us all tips on holiday weight gain, as if weight is the most important thing on the planet. NOT. It seems only to be important to those who love to tell others what to do and make money doing it. I’m sick of the faux news offered daily and nightly on television and I’m sick of the industries that fuel our fears in order to make indecent amounts of money by paying such news programs to hawk their wares. Goddess forbid we should all like our bodies and be healthy at the same time! That’s just unheard of!

That’s also why I’m a strong supporter of Fat Acceptance and a mutual despiser of all the  myths that have no basis in actual fact. I don’t blog about it as well or as exclusively as others do. But they do it extremely well. I believe it’s possible to really love ourselves in spite of the constant barrage against us daily. In fact, some love us very, very much. So I leave it to those sites to inform us, enlighten us, and give us positive images to take with us as we venture out into that daily jungle of insults and non-stop diet comparisons. I mean really. I’m the only one in my office NOT on a diet of some kind and that includes the men!! So today I’m offering links to wonderful articles about eating and the holidays. If you are really good to yourself you’ll follow all the links and get a healthy dose of self esteem while you’re at it. Enjoy and indulge!