Lent. Who Me?

I’ve always avoided giving up something for Lent. For me, it was a time when someone made some silly gesture about food. Lent, however, is merely a 40 day fast from something in sympathy with the 40 days Jesus was in the wilderness before beginning his ministry (Mark 1:12-13). Jesus also didn’t ascend into heaven until 40 days after his resurrection. Why 40 days?

Well, someone wrote somewhere that it takes 40 days to detox properly from anything. So, I’m detoxing from blogging for 40 days. Can I do it? Who knows? But I need to cleanse the soul of something and am not sure what. Perhaps I’m feeling superior in my thoughts? Perhaps I think what I have to say is important? Perhaps I’m less than generous in my comments. Perhaps I need to purge myself of the writing habit. Either way, 40 days isn’t going to kill me and I’ll probably find that not a ripple has been made on the Internet in my absence. Blessings!


6 thoughts on “Lent. Who Me?

  1. Go in peace my child and do not be tempted to respond to my comment. :mrgreen:

    Seriously, hugs for you. You can do it and if you can’t, just blame me.

  2. The vast majority of people who read this excellent blog wish you nothing but well. I would like to count myself among them. We will be thinking of you.

    Lentan blessings


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