Of Magazines and Ignoring Boundaries

Found this article this morning about men’s magazines and the types of advice men are getting about women. I could describe it, but you should just go there and read it. I can only add, “Well said!”


4 thoughts on “Of Magazines and Ignoring Boundaries

  1. Amazing! In this day and age. You know what the worst part is?

    The guys that are really good at picking girls up–or the ones we would want to get laid by–do not read those stupid articles.

    It is naive guys with sub-optimal social skills that read the crap and then go out to make a fool of themselves, in the best case scenario. In the worst, they go out to perform violence against women.

  2. As a mere male, I have just read the post about dating advice in men’s magazines. Since I have no reason to feel any less vulnerable to external influences than anyone else, I’m extremely glad that I don’t read this stuff. There’s nothing like convincing yourself that someone else wants what you want, even if they say they don’t. Appalling.

    It has long seemed to me that respecting other people’s humanity, equality, and chosen boundaries, dispenses with the need for all the outpourings of the Political Correctness industry at a stroke.

    Let’s keep it simple. And, on a tangential note, thanks MOI for all these wonderful quotes, in the gathering of which you are a genius. Particularly Helen Keller and Eric Hoffer, which I think should be read ten times a day by everyone in the world.

    Blessings on a bright Good Friday morning.


  3. Lorena,

    You know, that’s very true! It’s the equivalent of Cosmo telling women all about what men want, when we know good and well sex isn’t everything. It helps, but alas…

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