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  1. If only we could slough off our skins like snakes. To be literally recreational, we really need not to take with us the things which cause us to need the vacation in the first place.

    I say that in no didactic spirit, God knows I’m a living example of the problem I describe.

    True self-sufficiency is very much the exception rather than the rule for us humans. Even the most solitary hermit may rely on certain knowledge of a real and external Divinity to give life meaning through contemplation of it.

    The real question for me is not “What should I need to go on”, but “what do I need to go on”?

    If I’m embarking on a search for peace and regeneration, the indiscriminate Spring cleaning impulse may tempt me to throw out the baby with the bath water. Clearing the decks may find me standing alone on an empty boat, having thrown out the provisions with the garbage.

    The word “vacation” refers to the university emptying at the end of a term or semester. In getting away from the place we are physically, and the stressful things about it we don’t like, we all want to empty ourselves of that stress, so it won’t feel like we never left.

    I have known the impulse to dump everything and run, but recent events tell me that I need to hang on to what I know to be true and “good for me”. And this must be what I know, not what others tell me, even if it means unpacking someone’s love, and a whole world of familiar responses and complacent security, while holding onto things which others tell me are untried and uncertain.

    Excessive baggage is an impediment, but the good stuff is worth packing. May we be granted the wisdom to know the difference.



    • Reg,

      Yes, and sometimes, one just needs a backpack, a walking stick, and a compass to set off for who knows where! No need to pack. Just take some provisions and go. That’s the best kind of vacation really. I think I want to be like Thoreau, but there isn’t any cabin in the woods waiting for me to come along and inhabit it. Bummer. I want to take a vacation like Annie Dillard and her spiritual ruminations at Tinker Creek or visit Hawthorne’s commune in the woods in Blithedale Romance. Back to nature. The greatest healer.

      Blessings to you too.

  2. Me, mysterious? :mrgreen: Me thinks you are mysterious. Both eh? Well, what are you doing here? I’m tempted to ask, whatca doin’? *giggle*

    As for how I’m doing? I’m in that cabin in the woods phase again. πŸ™‚

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