Beth Ditto’s Body and the Fat Police

You don’t think fat hate is out there still? You don’t think women practice demeaning paternalism? Are you sure? Check out this article and photo of Beth Ditto.  My problem? The assumption Strawn makes that we should all worry about Ditto’s health and what she eats and how bad this looks; as if we are having “a negative effect” on how we view our bodies because a photography airbrushed her bigger. Excuse me? I find the photo tasteful, artful, and extremely refreshing and you know what? It’s none of our business whether Ditto exercises or what she puts in her mouth. Period.


2 thoughts on “Beth Ditto’s Body and the Fat Police

  1. I have yet to give myself the sensation of being a creature out of its natural element by commenting on The Frisky’s young cool pages, where I’m sure i will feel like a prehistoric throw-back dragged from criogenic suspension in some tundra somewhere.

    Before I screw up my courage to do that, I just wanted to aplaud the sound of righteous anger when confronted with the very fashionable and conventional wisdom contained in this article.

    If we were to search for the root of this “wisdom”, I wonder what proportion of The Frisky’s advertising revenue is contributed by diet product manufacturers, compared to adverttisers of good, nourishing, and enjoyable food.

    As you say, if Ms Ditto chooses pleasure priorities which others might not choose, if a free society means anything, surely it has to mean at least that much.

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