District 9

District600Over the weekend, I went to see the new movie District 9 with my daughter. We were probably two of five women in the whole place, but we are scifi geeks like that. I was going to write a detailed review of the movie, but so many others have done the same that I asked myself, “why?” Go to Rotten Tomatoes for oodles of reviews if you want details. All I can add is that it is the most intelligent scifi movie I’ve seen in a while and while the camera action is hand-held jerky, it didn’t bother me as much as watching [REC], the Spanish original version of Quarantine. I definitely would not take my children under 17 to see District 9, if I had any under 17 that is. It’s sprinkled liberally with bad language, gross human and alien body explosions, and really tough scenes about moral choices that only older viewers should wrestle with. I can’t wait for Peter Jackson to produce a sequel. Yes, unanswered questions abound. But maybe they’re best left unanswered. Highly recommended!