Can I Jump Ship Too?

Britishreg pointed me to this post by River that I totally missed on her blog.  Most excellent exposition of something that I too have kept in the back of my mind. Hmmm. Bears thinking seriously about. Thanks Reg.

5 thoughts on “Can I Jump Ship Too?

  1. The ramifications of this discussionare of a particular kind of interest to someone who was never aboard this particular ship.

    To be clear, there’s not one shred of “I told you so” going on here. In fact, as I’ve said before, I’m quite envious of other people’s certainties when they have them. But the tension between whatever spiritual promptings we have, our need for some certainty in our lives, and our very well-founded distrust of belief packages put together by humans in the name of God, are bound to fascinate anyone with any kind of faith. Mine is a more spectral vessel, vague outlines perceived through the fog, but tossed on the same sea.
    “Ahoy there”!

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