Dreaming the Chaos

Last night I dreamed I was in a circus. But it was a very bizarre circus. I came into a public place and confronted a man whom I know was an evil man who took people for all their money. He was sitting on the back of a chair counting it in envelopes. I grabbed an envelope and said, “I’ll take that thank you very much” and he looked at me in wonder. Inside the envelope were several wads of bills and $1000 bills. I explained that he could do whatever he liked, but he would regret it if he did and I was keeping this cash. I then called in my circus as back up. There were tiny elephants and people no bigger than knee high. There were wooden soldiers and a whole host of Cirque de Soleil type people that did strange things and acrobatic feats. There was a marching band that came in in very tight formation playing their music, but as they processed, they grew smaller and smaller until they were very tiny on the floor and huddled together as one entity. The whole implication, though, was that they could hurt you and would if I gave my say so. The room was duly subdued. I then switched to a dream where my boss was in a casual setting like a bar with a lot of other people and me. He was friendly and approachable and nothing like he is in real life.  Why we were all there and what we were doing I don’t remember.

Dreams fascinate me because they say so much about what happens in our unconscious. But for Pete’s sake, what does this circus dream imply? My life has been chaotic of late; divorce, health insurance woes (lack of at work), my youngest son left Tuesday for Iraq (he’ll be there a year), my boss, a pastor, is not doing something that seems to me to be a no brainer in the ethics department, the business manager quit because of it, my friend at work had a bad mammogram yesterday and is very worried, and all manner of other things it seems. The circus makes sense in a way, but the bizarre characters don’t. Any thoughts?

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    • Well, I hold no power in this place. The members, however, do. Let’s just say I’ve been bending a few ears. It’s not a personal failure because that’s none of my business, but a social justice issue that in my opinion would make some members mad if they knew their pastor wasn’t following through on something he claims to preach about every Sunday. It involves staff relations and Personnel and is more or less a legal issue that isn’t being complied with. So, while I won’t say anything directly and even though it affects me personally, I suppose I’m doing the passive aggressive thing and letting my plight known to members who are really the ones who employ me and spend their money doing so. How’s that for a roundabout explanation??? 🙂

  1. Oops, more now.

    Life is a circus. That fits.

    All the characters. Life is full of them, so that seems to fit.

    All becoming one entity but still strong. Sounds like you. Could it be that you can hurt your boss by exposing him? Does it fit?

    Taking the money? He owes you, life owes you, you owe yourself? Might fit?

    How’d I do?

  2. Wow woman, I don’t know what that dream means, but it sounds damn cool!

    I’m inclined to think that all the circus performers are aspects of you. Maybe they are your inner strength, your backup entourage.

    • Kay, (glad you’re back to Kay)

      Yes, it must be me, and the bizarre characters makes sense because I can seem to be so many different people at once sometimes. :-D.

      I love Shaun of the Dead too. Simon Pegg is really my boyfriend. 😀

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