Misogyny in the Morning

Everyone seems so curious about why the Roman Catholic church would allow Anglican congregations to convert en masse to Catholicism, still retaining married priests, etc. The answer is simple: the Catholic Church is suffering a priest shortage and has to solve this somehow. The numbers of those entering the priesthood has been in steady decline since the 60s. So why else would they do it? This allows them to get more priests without having to admit that celibacy should be chosen not forced and also to keep those pesky women out of the priesthood; a “problem” that Anglicans are grappling with right now.

Well damn!! It’s all us “tainted” women’s fault again. If we would just keep our taints out of religion everyone would be happier don’t you think? Then all men can avoid the “pussification” of the countries they live in. Ah… love the smell of misogyny in the morning…..

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One thought on “Misogyny in the Morning

  1. Typically inconsistently, I believe I should acknowledge the validity of others’ opinions and except their version of truth and all that good sounding stuff, but there are limits.

    For example, I don’t understand how anyone claiming adherence to a faith with reaching out beyond the Gentiles (The Good Samaritan and The Samaritan Woman) and unconditional love at its heart, and declare half the human race “tainted”.

    This is surely self deception on a grand scale. If I called an entire gender “tainted” based on a 4000 year old Hebrew text, I would expect a good kick in the nuts from every member of it.

    And this from people at the apex of a religious institution claiming to represent this faith here on Earth.

    This kind of shallow self-serving twaddle could get misogyny a bad name.

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