Democratic Whores (and Republican too)

Thank you Reg, for sending me to this absolutely magnificent rant of Hunter’s at The Daily Kos about the whorish U. S. Senators and Legislators who are “debating” the Health Care Reform Bill. Here’s a snippet:

With all due respect — which is to say, next to zero — you have got to be kidding me. After months of knock-down, drag-out bullshit from the most mealymouthed, weak-kneed, PAC-funded, cowardly, out of touch, let-them-eat-cakeish, preemptively-surrendering, fake-bipartisaney corporate-humping voter-dodging cash-grubbing incompetents of the Senate, they’ve left it to the top Democratic Sen. GimmeCash McCorporatePants of all to come up with one more last-ditch effort to make sure nothing, absolutely nothing of substance might remain in this bill that would stand in the way of insurance companies continuing to gouge both Americans and the government for every last penny they’ve got.

While all the while ensuring that the number of uninsured Americans stay high (unless we’re willing to simply funnel government cash, with few strings attached, to the very insurance companies causing the problems), and that heath care costs will continue to be irrational and unsustainable. You know, as long as they don’t reach some future imaginary level of too irrational, or too unsustainable, like most of us think we reached decades ago but which the Senate still can’t quite be persuaded that they should give a shit about.

And that’s just a snippet. The rest of this beautiful, much needed kick in the ass to Democrats (and Republicans) is there for your enjoyment. This is what I want to say but aren’t articulate enough to do so.


4 thoughts on “Democratic Whores (and Republican too)

  1. Hey! That looks like a really fun rant. I’m going to have to read it. Thanks for pointing it out. There’s nothing like a good stream of vitriol in the early morning to get your blood pumping. It’s like a cold shower.

  2. Some days (and as I get older, those “some” become ” a lot”), it gets very hard to be optimistic about human nature, and its potential for greatness.

    It’s like as soon as those people hit Washington, they get something sucked out of them that makes them realize they represent actual people, and their actions have actual consequences for those people.

    It’s truly amazing that we ever get anything accomplished in this country.

    • OSS, Yes, I’m always amazed if anything gets done. Is the allure of money so powerful that it can override someone’s sense of justice? I think so. I think some even see it as kind of a game or mere debating skill. The only solution IMHO is to limit or severely restrict PAC money or money received by corporations to politicians in lieu of favors. Otherwise there is no incentive but good will and we’ve seen there isn’t much of that involved in Washington.

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