I Do Miss This Corner of the World

I do so miss this blog. It was my home away from home for a very long time and it seems a shame to shut it down (probably only a shame to me!) Perhaps I shall revisit and perhaps I shall move back in and test the waters and see if anyone cares whether it’s here or not. And even then, if no one reads me, would that be the end of the world? I think not. 🙂 But I miss writing film reviews and book reviews and blathering on about television shows and being upset over religion and all that stuff.  I think I will have to ponder and ruminate and see what comes up. Forgiving me while I dust off the shelf on my right…


2 thoughts on “I Do Miss This Corner of the World

  1. Be assured you have loyal readers, well disposed to your brand of “blathering”. Please persist.

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