Yes, Women’s Brains Are Different Than Men’s

Amen and Amen to this! It’s what I’ve always believed to be true, just too cowed in academia to say so. What’s so threatening about believing in brain differences? People are so afraid of biological determinism (i.e. “fate”) they will do almost anything to avoid it, including denying scientific facts. Here’s another tidbit from Sex and the 405 blog. Does any of this mean that people cannot go against brain function? Certainly not. It’s about propensity, that’s all.

3 thoughts on “Yes, Women’s Brains Are Different Than Men’s

  1. Amen to and thank Bumba for that, I say. And I also say, sod “Academia”. After all, is a large sector of it that uses this proposition to keep women “in their place”, innit?
    (And that’s enough for one day, I dare say. 🙂 )

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