Watch Out! Twitter Comments Open to Investigation

Check the laws in your state before you criticize anyone on Twitter or any other social networking site. Apparently, it could put you under investigation by politicos. We always knew this, but deep down, did we ever think it would come to that? Are they being investigated for a crime? Which one? When does criticism become reduced to slander or libel? If criticism is the only criteria then there are many left and right wingers that should be open to a good investigation.  What does this mean for free speech? Free speech for me but not for thee?

2 thoughts on “Watch Out! Twitter Comments Open to Investigation

  1. Och! “They” have been “investigating” us for ages, actually. Just because they can. This is but the latest excuse to increase the yield in that most sinister of harvests. Corralling dissent, I think they may call it. No mater how mild or innocent the dissent is. Free speech is always been highly selective. Now the screw has taken a new turn. Same happens with the dreaded Facebook, I believe. I also believe is getting worse and, eventually, will become truly horrendous. Unless the A-S contingent wakes up and starts fighting back. (How about the worm turning, for a change?).

    • I agree. We can listen to politicians blather on and on against each other, but let the electorate say something critical and we get investigated. Classic case of “No one’s going to criticize me but me and my political cronies!”

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