Top Ten Reasons We Don’t Blog

  1. Because we are too busy watching inane television shows about obsessed people, hoarders, chefs wanting to be top of the pile chefs, cook-offs, throwdowns, wipe-outs and other time wasters that are just mindless distractions from having to think too hard.
  2. Because work wipes us out 8 hours a day and we don’t want to think anymore when we come home.
  3. Because politics makes us so crazy we can’t write about it or we’d slam the monitor down on the floor.
  4. Because we believe our heads are full of sawdust and we don’t have a creative thought in it.
  5. Because we are too busy reading historical romances, horror, and thriller novels by people with Swedish names.
  6. Because it’s too hot.
  7. Because our cat chews on our ankles wanting to be fed or to play and we have to chase them down.
  8. Because we are just too lazy.
  9. Because our anti-depressants make us not care about the news.
  10. And finally, because we think everyone’s heard or read whatever it is we have to say before.

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons We Don’t Blog

  1. No. 11 Because we’re too busy writing our own blogs?

    No. 12 Because we really HAVE heard/read/said it all before?

    No. 13 Because there are lots & lots of lovely things to do that don’t entail hunching over a computer keyboard?

    Just a thought… I’m sure Nos. 14 to 75 are out there….somewhere. 🙂

  2. 14: Because we’re brought up short by the realisation that we have an impulse to blog about why we don’t blog.

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