Cultural Christians and Bunnies

I like what this guy said. I’ve liked and done a lot of these things.  I know what he means by “cultural Christian.” I had a professor once who called himself a “cultural Jew.” He did not believe in God but still went to synagogue and participated in Jewish rituals. That’s me to a T. I’ve lost faith in any kind of reciprocal acting “god” but participate in rituals and observe Christmas, perhaps not as anyone’s birthday and not as a secular holiday, but as a seasonal thing.  I really despise the Easter celebrations. I suspect it carries bad memories from childhood somehow, because I’ve always hated Easter. I’ve never even liked rabbits and chicks although I did cherish a book about Peter Cottontail when I was a child. I liked the illustrations, which were probably done by Margaret Wise Brown. I’m a fan of hers and Garth Williams who produced by favorite illustrations in her books.  A couple of my favorites were: Home for a Bunny and the Bunny’s Noisy Book. But I digress. The point was, I liked the blog post.